Read as fast as the RainMan - 3 ways to instantly increase your reading speed

Every day we read books, our kindles or phones and articles on our computers. Thousands of hours every year from our lives are consumed in this fashion.

According to research done by Staples the average human reads at 300 Words Per Minute.

At this speed it would take the average person more than 26 hours to read J R R Tolkien s Lord of the Rings. Some people of course can read much faster.

Here are 3 ways that you can increase your reading speed right now.

How to read faster with Spritz

Spritz is an application of sorts that flashes the words up in front of you at a rate that you can set. Using this app can dramatically increase not only your rate of reading but increase your comprehension as well. You can try out Spritz on your mobile phone by choosing an article on Huffington Post and selecting tap to read at speed.

The Huffington Post

Reading with Spritz

Speed Reading Tools for Your Browser

Spreed is a free add in you can get for the Chrome browser (There are similar add ins you can get for firefox). Spreed is fantastic, you can paste in text, or just by clicking Alt-V on your keyboard it will start playing the text in front of your eyes at much higher speeds than if you were manually scanning the page.

Spreeder is a website where you can paste in a bunch of test and click the button and you away. Reading the default text on the site also gives you a number of insights into why we traditionally read so slowly and handy tips on how to read faster.

How fast can a human conceivably read? Well Anne Jones, the six times World Champion Speed Reader managed to read a Harry Potter book at the astonishing speed of 4251 words per minute.

Let us know how fast you can get to with the applications mentioned by leaving us a comment below. You can also try this speed test yourself.

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

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