Third Eye - What Exactly is it? And Different Ways To Open Yours

third-eye-sapienplusMany religions believe in the presence of what some call a Third Eye (aka the inner eye).

The third eye is often connected to ESP, out of body experiences, astral travel and other interesting and spiritual experiences.

So What Is The Third Eye Exactly?

The third eye is believed to be the link between the spiritual world and the physical world.

Those that claim they have the ability to use their third eyes are often referred to as seers.

The Third Eye Pop

A few of those that claim to have opened the third eye talk of a popping noise/feeling when their third eye opens. For some it can be quite sudden, for others it seems more gradual.

How to open your third eye?

Firstly a warning, depending on your beliefs and frame of mind, trying to open your third eye can be dangerous to the mind. There are differences of opinion of course, but anyway you have been warned so proceed at your own risk!

How to open your third eye with sound frequency

There are a number of youtube videos available which attempt to activate your third eye by playing sound at a certain frequency. We have included the most popular videos at the bottom in our links and videos section.

How to open your third eye with meditation

Doing this simple exercise for around ten minutes a day will apparently help to open your third eye.

  • The best time to do this is in the morning
  • Find a comfortable place to sit down and place your hands in your lap.
  • Begin to breathe deeply, make sure you are breathing from your diaphragm, not from your chest
  • Inhale deeply
  • As you exhale say the magical Ahm…. word
  • You may feel a strange sensation in your head, this is completely normal

What will you experience when you open your third eye?

We often see similarities when those talk of their experiences in regards to the opening of the third eye. These are the common factors spoken of time and time again.

  • White dots described as intense
  • Colors - purple/white/blue
  • Black sky with numerous stars
  • Often people describe seeing the shape of an eye filled with a purple/blue color


In conclusion we would like to point out that personally we have never experienced an opening of the third eye, so have had to go off the research of others.

We are however fascinated by the concept and possibilities.

If you have had a third eye or pineal gland experiment please take a moment, send us an account of your experience and we will definitely get in touch with you.

Third Eye Videos and Links

Open your third eye in 15 minutes (requires headphones)

10 signs of a spiritual awakening

Best article about a fast way to open the third eye

We have not tried this yet, but will definitely give it a go. Let us know your thoughts/experiences - Link to ConsciousLife Third Eye Opening

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