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Dickson Oppong is by no means your everyday Tom, Dick or Harry.

His unprecedented finesse in doing what no other man can has gone on to earn him worldwide fame that continues to grow by the day.

In essence Dickson, who is nicknamed Mr. Waterman and even Human Hydrant, can drink up to 4.5 L of water in a little less than two minutes.

And afterwards spit it all out from his stomach in a singular fashion that closely imitates the effects of any water fountain.

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Early History

Dickson Oppong was born on an unspecified date in the year 1967 in the West African country of Ghana.

Much of his early life is pretty much unknown. Other than the fact that he hails from an established performing arts family, and he used to accompany his dad to market places in his home nation to conduct shows.

It is in these appearances that he honed his prowess and ultimately got the attention of the Western world.

Besides his exceptional juggling abilities, what brought Dickson Oppong to the international limelight is like earlier stated his supernatural ability to safely chug down more water than anyone else on the globe can.

As well as his breathtaking capability to spit it all out before any damage is done to his system.

What Is His Superpower?

As healthcare professionals assert, this man’s case completely baffles them.

According to well proven medical facts , drinking an excessive amount of water within a short period of time is almost always fatal.

This is due to the inability of the human kidneys to flush out the extra water in a fast enough manner.

So this water usually finds its way to the bloodstream, which it then dilutes.

Drinking excesses of water can trigger a deadly medical condition that is known as hyponatremia.

If this for any reason does not occur, the excess water still causes damage my making its way to other regions of the body like the cells, which have high concentrations of salts and other dissolved substances.

As any biology student would be able to tell you the body’s cells are cushioned with fat deposits and muscles, which enables them to take up high amounts of fluids without bursting.

This isn’t the case with the cells that are found in the brain, where there is no sufficient space for them to expand.

This chain of events usually leads to the excessive water finding itself in the brain triggering edema that is in most cases fatal.

Well, to cut a long story short, this just isn’t the case with Dickson Oppong who time and again defies this well-entrenched medical reasoning.

His one of a kind stomach is in a position to hold 4.5 Liters of water, while that of the average individual can only hold 1 Liter.

For some unknown reason his stomach can expand to a remarkable four to five times that of its normal size!

This isn’t all he can do. By controlling, his stomach, Dickson Oppong also has the fascinating ability to spit out all the water he has ingested in a singular “fire hydrant” fashion.

Hence the epithet; Human Hydrant.

What can we learn from Dickson Oppong?

The case of Dickson Oppong is a rather singular one and certainly worth seeing it to believe it.

His shows never fail to astonish his numerous fans from all over the globe.

Basically he teaches us that despite of the clear cut order of things in the world, there are still some extreme deviations from the norm that continue to astound the experts.

These kind of cases will definitely continue to defy human understanding until the end of time.

What is Dickson Oppong currently doing?

Dickson Oppong has over the years featured in plenty of shows such as Discovery Channel’s Stan Lee’s “SuperHumans” , international talent shows like Germany’s “Das Super” as well as France’s “Got Talent”.

Mr. “Waterman” has also made an appearance in the 2008 documentary “Back To Africa” that was shot in Germany and Austria and directed by Othman Schmiderer.

As of 2014 Dickson Oppong was an integral part of the cast of the celebrated talent hit show “AfriKa! Afrika!”.

Oppong maintains a strong presence on Facebook, which you can follow to access first hand information on his spectacular shows and other personal facets of his incredible life.

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