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Mike Rutzen
For most of us coming face to face in the ocean with a great white shark is a terrifying thought.

For others, it is just another day at the office.

Mike Rutzen, also known as the “Sharkman”, is an expert on the great white shark and an advocate of shark conservation.

His special relationship with sharks is extraordinary.


Mike Rutzen was born on a farm in 1970.

Early history

Mike Rutzen started out as a fisherman in a South African town.

When he first began his fishing career, he was scared of sharks. However, as tourism developed, he was forced to become closer to the animals and eventually came to a point where he grew to love the big fish.

Rutzen eventually learned how to free dive with sharks while working with one of his co-workers.

After some time, Rutzen was able to interpret sharks’ behavior in order to keep from being attacked.

He took up being a cage operator in 1994 after he had a career as a local fisherman. He began free diving with white sharks in 1998.

He knew nothing about sharks until he began working as a fisherman near Cape Town.

He ultimately gained an interest in learning more about the sharks and their social dynamics, as well as their physical behavior, during this time.

What is his superpower

Mike Rutzen has a unique ability and skill to interact with sharks.

His unique relationship with these animals allows him to “ride” the great white shark and he can swim freely with the sharks while they are not caged.

He has spent more time swimming without a cage with the white sharks than with any other type of animal.

He is able to swim with any shark that could potentially hurt a human and has survived.

From studying white sharks, Rutzen was able to conclude that white sharks are actually very smart, curious, and not out to kill humans, like many people believe them to be.

Genetic Or Learned Superpower?

Although he does seem to have an uncanny connection with sharks, we believe that this is something Mike has learnt over time.

Not many people would be that brave however he is.

What can we learn from him

Mike Rutzen is a man we can learn some great life lessons from.

We can learn that we should always conquer our fears. While our fears may seem big and hard to overcome, we should realize that we must do what may scare us sometimes.

We should take a chance because it could be one of the best things that happen to us.

In the beginning, Rutzen was scared of the animals he has grown so fondly of today.

We can also learn that although others may think something is impossible, we should always follow our dreams.

Through time and experience, Mike Rutzen was able to learn to do things with sharks that other people could never imagine doing.

It takes a lot of courage to swim with an animal that you were once afraid of and one that many people think is a human killer.

We may think something seems impossible, but if we spend enough time with the subject at hand and study it for long enough, we will eventually be able to figure it out.

Mostly, Rutzen proves that hard work, dedication, and perseverance does pay off.

Also, sometimes you can only learn things by having a firsthand experience with the subject.
What is he currently doingCurrently, Mike Rutzen is traveling the world, giving lectures on sharks.

He is also filming documentaries on them.

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