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Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. - Mark Twain

Fauja Singh is a British Indian of Punjabi Sikh descent.

The centenarian marathon runner currently holds a marathon world record in his age bracket.

The extraordinary Sikh centenarian shows amazing signs of superhuman strength.

He was able to finish the London Marathon in the year 2003 in only 6 hours and 2 minutes.

101-year-old Fauja Singh Runs the London Marathon - Horizon: Eat, Fast and Live Longer - BBC Two

Fauja Singh’s marathon record at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 2003, for age 90-plus, was an amazing 5 hours 40 minutes!

Fauja Singh

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Fauja Singh was born on April 1st, 1911, in Punjab province of British India, in Beas Pind, Jalandhar. He was the youngest of four siblings in his family.

Early history

In his childhood, until he was five years old, Fauja did not develop the ability to walk.

He could hardly walk long distances and his legs were weak and thin.

As a child, he was often teased because of this. However, as a young man, Fauja started to become an avid amateur runner.

He had to give up this hobby at the time of the India-Pakistan Partition, in the year 1947.

Fauja returned to his passion for running only in 1994, after witnessing the death of his fifth son, Kuldip, in a construction accident.

The deaths of his eldest daughter and of his wife in 1992 gave him the determination to focus on running.

In the 1990s Fauja emigrated to England.

What is his superpower

At the age of 89 years, Fauja ended up in international marathon events.

His superpower is an incredible stamina, determination, and strength, especially for a man his age.

For his amazing sportive accomplishments, Fauja Singh is called the “Sikh Superman”.

In the year 2004, Fauja was featured in an Adidas sportswear advertising campaign alongside Muhammad Ali and David Beckham.

Today Singh holds UK records for his age group on one mile, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, and 3000 m.

At the age of 100, at the special Ontario Masters Association, he attempted and accomplished eight world age group records in just one day.

As nobody over age 100 had ever attempted the distances, some events had no previous record holder.

What can we learn from him

He believes in being happy, and that getting upset is the worst thing you can do, for your mind and your body.

“Upsetting or hurting people carries the greatest sin”

Singh teaches as that the human body has untapped potential and with determination we can all accomplish amazing deeds.

He attributes his longevity and physical fitness to a simple vegetarian diet and abstaining from alcohol and smoking.

“In old age one should decrease the intake of food”

His diet includes dal, phulka, milk, yogurt, and green vegetables.

He does not as normally consume rice, pakoras, parathas, or any other fried food.

“We often eat too much, as the food is tasty”

He drinks lots of tea with ginger and water. He goes to bed early and recites his mantra with the name of God, to avoid negative thoughts crossing his mind.

We can all learn from his moderate lifestyle.

Fauja Singh Reflection Healthy Living

What is he currently doing

Fauja Singh is currently the eldest member of a Sikhs group called “Sikhs in the City”.

This running group is today a well-established team that is based in East London.

They are raising money for Fauja Singh’s charities and running marathons across the world with interfaith groups.

Singh retired from competitive running in 2013, after taking part in the Hong Kong marathon.

He was at the time just 5 weeks before of his 102nd birthday.

Nowadays, Singh continues running for health, pleasure, and charity.

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