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Most of us have some sort of fear of heights, and even standing on top of a tall building or bridge can get our adrenaline rushing.

Jyoti Raju takes this fear to a whole new level, and is known as the Monkey King.

From a childhood where he was abused and contemplating suicide, he has now created a life that involves entertaining and giving to others - he has learned to live again.

Monkey King Jyoti Raju

His work has amazed people from all parts of India as they have watched him perform and scale some of the toughest walls and buildings in the world.


Jyoti Raju was born in 1987 in the state of Tamil Nadu. When he talks of his childhood it appears he became lost at the age of three and was taken care of by a man who unfortunately subjected him to abuse.

Early History

Raju started climbing around the time he was nine years old.

He started climbing as a means of entertaining other people.

Since then, he has continued to set himself more and more difficult challenges in order to be able to continue to constantly amaze onlookers with his freakish climbing skills.

He has been living in Karnataka and has expressed a desire to entertain the troops that are out at the fort there.

As reports of his climbing feats have spread over the last few years he has become increasingly popular.

He has frequently aired on Indian televisions, which has helped to boost his status among the local people.

I don’t know what people think about climbing but for me climbing is happiness.


Jyoti Raju’s Superpower

The great power that Raju has, that makes him different from everyone else, is the way he climbs with techniques that he has learned from watching monkeys.

He is known as the “Monkey King” for his abilities as a strong and talented free climber.

He is able to scale vertical rock walls without the use of any climbing equipment. He focuses on the art of free climbing.

He has climbed many prominent buildings and sites including the Chitradurga Fort in Karnataka.

From Suicidal to Scaling Walls: India’s Amazing Monkey King

He has focused on stone structures for the most part but he is particularly interested in exploring larger modern buildings as a means of getting a special kind of challenge.

He has particularly enjoyed performing many stunts while climbing different surfaces.

These include things like hanging from surfaces, dangling upside down and even attempting flips on occasion!

I keep watching monkey actions and practice, that’s why I am known as the Monkey King.


What Can We Learn From Him?

We can learn that it is possible to pull yourself out of the depths of hopelessness and create something of value for the world.

Jyoti not only saved himself, he now teaches climbing skills to children of all ages.

Another lesson we can learn from him is that if anyone puts in effort into what they do then there will be no limits as to what they can accomplish.

Also, people can learn by watching him about how important it is to stay fit. Only someone with a high fitness level such as Jyoti Raju can actually pull off these feats.

There’s also the need to be fearless. Raju has suffered many injuries and he admits that what he does, is extremely dangerous.

His fun-loving attitude to everything he does is also a value that can be a powerful lesson to us all.

What Is He Currently Doing?

Jyoti Raju is hoping to climb some tall buildings. He has aims to climb the Taipei 101, a 1,667-foot building in Taiwan, and he is especially hoping to one day climb the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

This building in Dubai is 2,722 feet high, which makes it the tallest building in the world.

He has no set timetable at this point as to when he could be doing this.

If it does not end up being himself, he has a strong desire for it to be a person from India that becomes the first person in the world to scale the world’s tallest tower.

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Jyoti Raj of Chitradurga

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