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Annalisa Flannagan

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When a certain teacher from Northern Ireland has something to say, most of the time people have no choice but to listen.

Meet Annalisa Flanagan, the world’s loudest woman. She holds the Guinness Book of World Records Record for the loudest voice in the world.

It is incredible just how loud her voice is. When she is shouting, her voice is the equivalent to the sound made by a jet engine, or what you would hear at a rock concert.

What’s even more amazing is that she seems to be the only person who can project her voice to this extent. This is because she has held the record for over 20 years now.

Early Life

Not much is known about her childhood except for the fact that she has a twin sister who can be in part credited with bringing Ms Flanagan’s incredible ability to the fore front.

In 1992, Annalisa and her twin sister began their quest to break the world record.

That year, when they tried they managed to reach 119 decibels together.

As it turns out unusually loud voices run in the family!

Later Annalisa was quoted as saying that they should have both gone for the record to become the world’s loudest twins.

I guess you know that my twin sister in Zambia broke the record first and held it for about a minute!! So I guess we are also the loudest twins in the world!! lol..I really wish I had pushed for this to be in the Guinness Record book as I didn’t realise how hard it would be for people to break mine..cant really believe that I still hold it after 23 years!! I am a granny now too so I guess I am the loudest granny in the world too..

annalisa flanagan

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What is Her Superpower?

Two years after her first attempt at a world record, Annalisa Flanagan tried again, this time without her twin.

She entered a Citybus shouting competition which she won.

She didn’t just win the competition but broke her own record reaching 121.7 decibels.

This is the level of sound that has captured the world’s attention. It is the same sound produced by a fully packed rock concert or a jet engine and it all comes from one woman who is an elementary school teacher.

As a joke, she shouted “quiet” during the competition. Since then people have described her ability as amazing and she has been the center of attention in her local community.

Superhumans - Loudest Scream in the World

Her incredible voice comes in handy sometimes in her job. For example, she says that her voice is a great advantage at a hockey game or when she wants to get the attention of someone at a distance.

She tries very hard not to shout at her students. She is probably the only teacher in the world, that could cause her students to become deaf, just by growling at them!

Still, her students are still very proud of their teacher who is now world famous for something that most of us take for granted; our voices.

What Can We Learn From Her?

Annalisa Flanagan is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary ability.

This can be said for just about any person who is made famous by something that seems unusual to the rest of us.

Therefore there are a few things that we can learn her. For starters, you never know when or where the extraordinary is going to happen.

There is also no way to replicate her talent which begs the question; is there someone else who is even louder? Or is she, and will she always be the loudest?

Her voice is no doubt special and her ability to use it even more special. Annalisa Flanagan is an inspiration to her students, and all of us, to use our special God given abilities.

Everyone has one. It may not be as elaborate or incredible as Annalisa’s but we all have that special ability that we can showcase.

She now has the platform to be a mentor to her students as well as other children around the world.

What is She Currently Doing?

A few years ago, Annalisa had her tonsils removed. When asked if this has had any effect on her voice and she said:

My voice is fine..I haven’t broken my record since I was in the last 20 years but I recorded a tv show in June and got 115db which I was very happy with..I cant go into any more details about that.

She is still an elementary school teacher and continues to work with children on a daily basis.

She also dedicates a lot of her time to raising funds for Oasis Village Trust, something she is truly passionate about.

I am busy fundraising as always for Oasis Village I am so excited about this as we had 10 more children move into Oasis last Monday (10th Aug) so its full speed ahead as I plan a formal over here to raise funds at the end of Sept, my sister will also be coming home to share about the work and to get sponsors for the kids. This is my big passion in life and something I love shouting about!!

If you have trouble getting your own kids to listen to you, or maybe you are also a teacher, there is plenty to envy about Annalisa’s amazing ability to get the attention of those around her!

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