Stan Lees Superhumans

If you are anything like me, you love watching real life superhumans!

Stan Lees show, which is now into it’s third season is a journey into the world of the superhumans that walk among us.

Daniel Browning Smith is the host of the show, and each episode you will see him find out about, and actually test the superhuman claims of the people that end up on the show.

Stan Lees Superhumans - Season One

There are 8 episodes in the season one DVD which you can get from Amazon by clicking the image below.

Superhumans featured on Season One

Rajmohan Nair of Kollam, India
Scott Flansburg of San Diego
Juan Ruiz of Los Angeles
Dennis Rogers of Houston
Bob Munden of Las Vegas
Finland’s Timo Kaukonen
Shi Yan Ming a Shaolin monk
Darren Taylor “Professor Splash” of Denver
Dean Karnazes of San Francisco
John Ferraro of Boston
Chris Robinson of Edinburgh
Kenny Muhammad of New York City
Zamora the Torture King (aka Tim Cridland) of New York City
Derek Paravicini of London, England
Jyothi Raj of Chitradurga, India
Tom Owen of Birmingham, Alabama
Tim Friede of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Dan Meyer of Hartselle, Alabama
Garry “Stretch” Turner of London, England
Yves Rossy of Geneva, Switzerland
Tom Cameron of Chicago
Salim Haini of Marrakech, Morocco
Ron White of Fort Worth, Texas
Greg Poe, a test pilot from Florida

Stan Lees Superhumans - Season Two

There are 13 episodes in the season two DVD which you can get from Amazon by clicking the image below.

Superhumans featured on Season Two

Shaolin monk Hu Qiong of Kuala Lumpur
Aaron Evans of Wisconsin
Melchor Menor
Ito Kenichi from Japan
Mike Rutzen from Cape Town, South Africa
Pat Poviliatis from Canada
Rene Richter
Brian Jackson of Las Vegas
Randy Lewis
Tori Allen

Stan Lees Superhumans - Season Three

The latest season of Stan Lees Superhumans features 10 episodes. You can buy online via the image below.

Superhumans featured on Season Three

Adam Winrich of Fall Creek, WI
Will Trubridge From New Zealand
Joel King
Lee Morrison
Brodie Smith
Rick Smith Jr
Paul Stringerl
Mr. Duong
Orlando Serrell
Joshua Carter
Kortney Olsen
Ru Anting from Vietnam
Kie Willis
Igor Zaripov
Dan Goodwin
Jerry Miculek
Francky Zapata
Paul Swift
Eric Barone
Julio Muno
Tyler Bradt
Andy Lewis
Gary Connery
Ales Novak
Kevin Fast
Jim Dreyer
Lasha Pataraya
Ted Batchelor
Kann Trichaan
Anandita Dutta Tamali
Marshall Ullrich
Eduardo Lasaga
Evgeny Kuznetsov
Matthew Ahmet
Li Xin’s
John Doyle
Thomas Blackthorne
Stevie Star
Ryan Stock

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