Could a Plant-Based Diet be the Key to Superhuman Strength?

A discussion of the up-coming documentary ‘The Game Changers’

The documentary “The Game Changers” is due for its global premiere in September 2019, yet it has already struck up a great deal of debate in the media due to its controversial nature. The film challenges male stereotypes and puts forward a strong argument for adopting a vegan diet, a life-style choice that already has a great deal of momentum on its side.

With studies indicating a global rise in people opting for a plant-based diet, it seems that the time is right for a documentary of this kind. This article will discuss some of the documentaries main themes and what this could mean for the real life super-human quest.

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Challenging the ‘real men eat meat’ stereotype

The documentary sets out to convince even the most dedicated macho meat eaters that a vegan diet is more than just a healthy and environmentally friendly choice, it’s also possible to be a stereotypically ‘manly man’, and achieve superhuman level strength, without eating meat.

Or rather, ‘real men eat their greens’

Although you could argue it challenges the stereotype while subscribing to it itself, the point remains, that it is possible to be physically strong and ‘manly’ without having to eat lots of beef burgers. The documentary features a predominantly male ensemble of world class athletes and body builders, all of which have achieved superhuman strength and status on a vegan diet. If anything, it’ll certainly make you think twice about not finishing your vegetables.

High-flyers that switched to veganism

The film features a string of famous vegan athletes, sportsmen, body builders and other physical high-flyers including Arnold Schwarzenegger, cyclist and Olympic medallist Dotsie Bausch, record-holding strongman Patrik Baboumian and former Royal Navy Clearance Diver and Special Operations military sniper Australian Damien Mander.

The film is headed by former UFC champion James Wilks who turned to veganism after a knee-injury stalled his career. After conducting research into the vegetarian dominated diets of Roman Gladiators, he concluded that eradicating all animal products from his diet would help to speed up his recovery, and he was right.

Adopting a vegan diet

Many people choose to opt for a diet plan when looking to get into shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. For a long time now the choice has predominantly been between the keto vs. Atkins diet, both of which involve restricting carbohydrate intake and fuelling yourself with protein instead, which is indeed the best ways to build lean muscle mass. Many believe that a vegan diet is low in protein, but doctors and scientist refute this misconception in the documentary.

Plant-based proteins build superhumans

The documentary shows that it is possible to excel physically while eating only plants, busting popular myths that a plant-based diet has an incomplete protein profile and is lacking in other key nutrients. Scientific evidence shows that a plant-based diet has manifold benefits to the body, from lowered blood pressure and a decreased risk of cancer, to more specific sporting advantages.

Gladiatorial strength

Even anthropologists and archaeologists are on side, now they have been able to prove through new techniques that early humans ate mostly plants. It looks like the gladiators were on to something, and perhaps it’s time to follow in their footsteps in the quest for a healthy lifestyle and super human strength!

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