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Damien Walters

When you assess everything he has done, it is almost impossible to believe that he is human, yet he is.

Damian Gareth Walters is a gymnast, gymnastics coach and professional stuntman who developed his abilities so much that he has achieved superhuman status.

Early History

Born on April 6, 1982, his story reads just like that of any other little boy growing up in Derby, United Kingdom, except for a desire to be better at everything he did.

And everything he would attempt to do as a little boy centered on gymnastics.

This is clearly evidenced by the fact that at 4 years old, Damian Walters attempted a front-flip on the grass.

He failed but this event was the starting point of what was to become a glorious career in gymnastics.

His mother, having witnessed his failure, enrolled him in gymnastics.

His Superpower

During his career, Damian Walters has participated in four trampoline World Championship competitions and he was a part of the British team that won the World Title in 2003.

He was ranked fourth in the world with his team in 2007 and finished fifth in the 2003 and 2005 singles competition.

It took a while for him to get to this super status having lost at a European title championship with his team in 1992.

He is however known for his hard work and passion for the sport.

He practices 3-4 hrs everyday just to stay in shape and is known for having extensive gymnastic and tumbling skills.

It is however his ability to make some very complicated free running moves look easy that have gotten Damian noticed by the Hollywood stunt industry.

In 2007, he made the decision not to participate in any gymnastics tournaments but to instead focus on free running.

He created a show-reel with his free running moves and got his big break when the video was noticed by Jackie Chan’s stunt agent.

Damien Walters Official Showreel

He subsequently retired from gymnastics and focused on his stunt career which has been illustrious to say the least.

What we can learn from him

The simplest lesson that Damian Walters and his career can teach all of us is; hard work pays.

As cliché as it sounds, it is important to realize that he got to where he is today by simply working very hard.

He has 20 years experience in gymnastics and he trains up to 4 hours every day.

But perhaps the most important take away from this superhuman story is the importance of having a passion and following through on what you set out to do.

He got started at the age of four and hasn’t stopped since.

Of course there are several roadblocks that he has had to overcome in the process.

If he had stopped for any reason, he would be where he is today.

His mother’s efforts could also be hailed as a contributing factor to his success.

Therefore, parents everywhere are encouraged to be attentive to their children’s wants and try to aid them fulfill their dreams.

What he’s up to now

In 2007, Damian retired from professional gymnastics to focus on his stunt career.

Since then, he has received numerous commendations from the top stuntmen in the world for his one of-a-kind free running moves.

His unique ability is highly sought after since he seems to be the only person in the world who is able to accomplish some of the moves he is famous for.

In 2010, he was awarded the Taurus World Stunt award.

The award was in the best fight category which he won for his moves in the film, Ninja Assassin.

This award makes him one of the most in-demand stuntmen in Hollywood.

He is currently working as a core team member for Brad Alan who is the first non-Asian member of Jackie Chan’s world famous stunt team.

He also has achieved a lot of success online, specifically on YouTube where he has over 30 million views and 100,000 subscribers on his channel.

His videos go viral almost as soon as they are uploaded and it is expected that his popularity and illustrious career will continue to grow and continue to mesmerize and inspire many who want to achieve superhuman status.

He has done stunt work for a number of films including Hellboy 2, Ninja Assassin, Kick-Ass, The Eagle, Skyfall and 47 Ronin among others.

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