Ken Walters - Artistic Savant - Superhuman 71

Ken Walters is a man that uncovered Superhuman artistic capabilities after a terrible accident.

I see the world through the Internet, and the world sees me through my art. - Ken Walters

Early history

Before becoming a Superhuman Ken Walters was an engineer.

In 1986 he had an accident. He was 30 years old, and working at a farm when an out of control fork lift crushed him against a wall. He suffered horrific injuries including spine fractures.

That accident not only took his capability to walk again, he also suffered financially because of the accident.

The stress of these events ended in another two strokes as well. It is believed that the second stroke, that he had in 2005, transformed him from mere mortal - into a Superhuman.

Superpower – details

After the attack Ken found a compulsion to start scribbling away on the writing pad that he had in the hospital for communicating with other people. This is despite never having any interest in drawing or doodling before.

His Doctor explained to him that sometimes after a stroke, due to the brain rewiring paths, new skills and talents can be uncovered. There was a warning though - often these conditions were temporary.

When he came back to home from the hospital he began making digital artwork on his computer. His artwork was amazing and he became a very popular artist.

Even today reputed companies purchase his artwork for their offices.

Image: Flickr

Ken Walters Virtual Exhibition

What can we learn from him:

Life always gives us another chance.

Sometimes what may seem like extraordinarily bad luck can hold within it a beautifully wrapped gift.

Realizing and accepting your capabilities is one more thing that we can learn from Ken Walters as he learned his new skills whilst recovering from his strokes.

What is he currently doing:

Ken Walters is a professional artist, selling his artwork via the internet.

Life still is not easy for Ken.

He still struggles with his health and is physically disabled. He suffers from CFS and has hearing problems.

Despite so much going against him he continues to create art. His work is featured in five virtual worlds, and in a number of art galleries.

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